Friday 25 April 2014

Cover Reveal

I’ve never been involved in a ‘cover reveal’ before. But that’s what the lovely people at AngryRobot are about to do for my next book, the Bullet Catcher’s Daughter. (I feel I need to say ‘lovely’ because if I just said ‘Angry Robot’ it might give an entirely different impression to those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them.)

My previous covers with other publishers were revealed, of course – in that there must logically have been a moment when they were seen for the first time. But that moment passed un-noticed.

So, when I received an email from AR last week to say they were almost ready to do the cover reveal, my first reaction was to say ‘what’s that?’ My second reaction was to feel a rosy glow of self-satisfied pleasure. They’re doing all this for me? Self-satisfaction is a dangerous feeling for a novelist. It encourages the erroneous belief that we are special in some way and thereby kills the hunger to improve. It is also rather ugly.   

Had I been quicker witted, I would have realised immediately that the cover reveal is not a celebration of the author. It is a hats-off to the artist who designed the thing. In this case that is Will Staehle, a Seattle based designer whose excellent website you can find here.

And... although the cover has not yet been ‘revealed’, I can tell you that Will has done an amazing job for the Bullet Catcher’s Daughter.
More of that later. But for now, I'm just off to rehearse the trumpeters.

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